Indonesia Tropical Fish (Ornamental Fish)

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Indonesia is a country blessed with rich natural resources. The fisheries are in no exclusion. The latest data suggests that around 40 percent of the world’s ornamental fishes are actually from Indonesia. Ornamental fish is the commodity of fishes treated both for display and hobby. Despite the relatively small market share compared with the consumed fish, its prospect in the future is high. This is because of more people are fond of ornamental fishes. One of the biggest ornamental fish markets is located in Singapore. Both sellers and buyers gather in this island state to have the ornamental fish transactions in various prices. The market has, surprisingly, made Singapore the biggest ornamental fish exporter in the world, with more than 20 percent market share. It is surprising as Singapore does not have ornamental fish resources as huge as Indonesia.

Based on the research carried out by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, 70 percent of ornamental fishes in Singapore market come from Indonesia. Furthermore, the data from Indonesia’s Statistics Central Agency suggests that the Indonesia’s ornamental fish export reached US$13 million in 2011 and it is predicted to increase around 30-40% in 2012. The biggest importing countries are, unquestionably, Singapore, followed by Japan, the US, Malaysia, and China. Nonetheless, such export value is still too low compared with the world’s market, of which it reaches more than US$ 300 million. Those facts show that Indonesia actually has the opportunity to keep on improving its ornamental fish export and to become the biggest producer in the world. It certainly needs strong effort from the government and the business sphere so that the ornamental fish industry can grow rapidly.

The marketing strategy has to be revitalised. As of now, Indonesia only exports the ornamental fishes in small scale that makes its economic value low. The country mostly sells small ornamental fishes to Singapore. Later, the small fishes are raised by the lion city, to make them for sale after they are grown big. Certainly, the fishes are sold in much higher prices. (DM)

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