Red Orchid (Sulawesi Shrimp)

Red Orchid Sulawesi Shrimp – Caridina Glaubrechti is not a shy species at all. It seems to enjoy being out in the open frequently and is not afraid if you approach the tank. It is also a solitary shrimp, it does not gather in groups and it is uncommon to see even two together. It is safe for all community life.

Common Names:     Red Orchid Shrimp, Brown Camo Shrimp, Mini Red Line Bee Shrimp, Blue Dot Red Line Bee Shrimp
Water Temperature:     78°F – 88°F
General Hardness:     75ppm – 150ppm
Total Alkalinity:     75ppm – 150ppm
Potential Hydrogen (pH):     7.8 – 8.8
Size Index:     1.5cm – 2.5cm
Origin:     Lake Towuti
Sulawesi, Indonesia