Anubias Petite

Anubias Petite plants

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The Nana Petite is related to other Anubias and the family name they are in is technically known as the Araceae family. This plant is native to some parts of Africa, mainly places where there is an abundant source of water for most of the year. (You can buy this plant here). The way the plant reproduces and grows is through a spreading rhizome. In other words you can think of that as the Nana Petites root system.

People love this plant because it is a good foreground and mid ground plant that doesn’t grow too quickly. It slowly grows in width and creeps along nicely to fill out empty areas and small spaces. It can take a year or more to grow to its full size of 5 cm.

Very rarely do the Nana Petites ever grow above 5 cm, but they have on occasion known to get slightly larger, sometimes up to 7 cm. Also, the leaves of the plant are about 1 cm wide, making them flow nicely with the movement of the water. The rhizomes of the Petite can grow up to 10 cm long.

Moreover the leaves are densely packed together, thus making them great for tight fits and small aquariums. Many people like to use them for nano aquascapes as well because they are slow growers and never get too big.


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