Hygrophila Difformis Variegata


Hygrophila Difformis Variegata plants

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Common Name: Water wisteria ‘Variegated’
Family: Linderniaceae
Genus: Hygrophila
Origins: Asia
Difficulty: Moderate
Lighting: Bright
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Background
Requirements: Temps 71.6 – 75.2 °F (22 – 24 °C), PH 6.2 – 7.3

This is a beautiful variation of Hygrophila difformis as the leaves have white veins running through them. The whiteness is caused by a virus in the plant but it is self contained and will not spread to any other plants in the aquarium. It is a very fast growing plant but can be pruned on a regular basis without any long lasting damage being done.



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