Peckoltia sp. L477

Photo: Rupert A. Collins


L477 was imported occasionally even before it got it’s L-number in August, 2015. It’s found in Rio Nhamundá, Brazil, where it’s collected even right by the city of Nhamundá in quiet, warm (32 C) water. It’s typical Peckoltia looks makes it quite difficult to separate from some other Peckoltia forms, so it’s important to keep track of the origin of the fish and not mix it up with similar types. L477 has a war, yellow body colour covered in broad, black bands, and even the head bands are not very thin. It’s still quite new and rare in the hobby, so it’s yet to be seen if it will be established among dedicated fishkeepers.


Name: Peckoltia sp. “L477”

Trade names: L477, Peckoltia sp. “Nhamundá”

Origin: Rio Nhamundá, Brazil

Maximum TL: 15 cm / 6”

Often wild fish needs some proper care and feeding to regain their strength and vitality, and when they are happy and relaxed they will show off a beautiful orange colour in the fins. Stressed individuals are pale with slightly washed out markings. L477 is an omnivore, so a varied diet is required. After a period of mainteance and conditioning the fish should be possible to breed in typical Peckoltia manor. Clean, warm water with good movement and a tank furnished with decent caves and other hiding places makes the fish feel relaxed, and the males will eventually show off some impressive odontodal growth.

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