Pseudorinelepis sp. L95

Photo: Aquatics Imports Hawaii


This is one of the more expensive L-numbers we regularly encounter in the hobby. L95 is always traded as (semi-) adults, which is strange. It could however be due to the very striking orange odontodes and finrays in adult fish, which some believe are males in breeding mode. L95 is a beautiful, large species suited for big tanks. It’s even active during daytime, and is a fascinating sight to behold with its elegant swimming behaviour – it doesn’t just stick to the substrate or objects, it swims around, even upside down!


Name: Pseudorinelepis sp. L95

Trade names: L95, Orange Cheek Pleco

Origin: Rio Negro, Rio Demini, Rio Branco, Rio Takutu, Brazil.

Maximum size: 45 cm / 18”

No breeding reports exist for Pseudorinelepis, but it’s not unlikely that they migrate to spawn during the rainy season in the wild. There are some reports indicating that they are egg scatterers, that doesn’t use caves to breed like most other Loricariidae species. Obviously they need large, well-cared for aquariums to thrive. They can tolerate low oxygen levels, as they can gulp air. They also handle high temperatures very well. Males develop slightly more prominent odontodal growth on the head.

L95 is distinguishable from other Pseudorinelepis by its large, black dots and orange cheeks and fins.

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