Spectracanthicus murinus (Pleco)

Photo: Enrico Richter


Spectracanthicus murinus is one of a few traded Ancistrini members without an l-number. This is another species with light spots on a dark grey base colour, so although it’s a pretty fish it’s not very popular since fishkeepers usually choose more striking alternatives. S.murinus is however a cool little Pleco that can be housed in most properly cared for set-ups with good water hygiene and peaceful co-inhabitants.


Name: Spectracanthicus murinus (Isbrücker & Nijssen, 1987)

Trade names:

Origin: Rio Tapajos, Brazil.

Maximum TL: 14 cm / 6”

Spectracanthicus are fairly small, very peaceful Plecos that need warm, oxygen rich, clean water to thrive. They are in many ways similar to the better known Hypancistrus species in their demands. They are mostly carnivore, and should be given a diet of crustaceans, insect larvae and high quality dry foods. When properly conditioned and under the right conditions, Spectracanthicus will breed in a typical manner where the male guards the brood in a tight cave. Males have more prominent odontodal growth than females, and a broader, longer head.

S.murinus can be told apart from the other Spectracanthicus species (L254 and L315) by it’s white edge on the dorsal- and caudalfin.

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