Spectracanthicus sp. L254

Photo: Haakon Haagensen


L254 is a rare l-number from Rio Xingu, Brazil. It’s currently not allowed for export, and even when it was it was still only occasionally exported in significant numbers. It’s got a pitch black body covered in few, light blue/white spots. Due to it’s current rareness, available individuals should preferably end up in the care of responsible breeders to maintain it’s presence in our hobby.


Name: Spectracanthicus sp. “L254”

Trade names: L254, Blue Spot Pleco

Origin: Rio Xingu, Brazil.

Maximum TL: 12 cm / 5”

Spectracanthicus are fairly small, very peaceful Plecos that need warm, oxygen rich, clean water to thrive. They are in many ways similar to the better known Hypancistrus species in their demands. They are mostly carnivore, and should be given a diet of crustaceans, insect larvae and high quality dry foods. When properly conditioned and under the right conditions, Spectracanthicus will breed in a typical manner where the male guards the brood in a tight cave. Males have more prominent odontodal growth than females, and a broader, longer head.

L254 is the most beautiful of the 3 Spectracanthicus species, and can be told apart from the others by it’s smaller adult size and larger, fewer spots.

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