Ancistomus feldbergae L163

Photo: Ole Paulsen


A recently described species from Rio Xingu, A.feldbergae is better known under the numbers L12 (adult form) and L13 (juvenile form). There is another variety of the species found in Rio do Pará, this is known as L163 and has more colourful fins and is said to not grow as large. We classify them as the same species here, but we recommend people to treat them as two separate forms that should not be interbred. A.feldbergae is a hardy and nice Pleco for slightly bigger tanks.


Name: Ancistomus feldbergae (Oliveira, Rapp Py-Daniel, Zuanon, Rocha, 2012)

Trade names: L12, L13, L163

Origin: Rio Xingu (L12, L13), Rio do Pará (L163), Brazil.

Maximum size: 20 cm / 8”

A.feldbergae is an easy to keep omnivore, that should be fed a various diet and kept under normal good conditions with good water hygiene. Adult males are territorial towards each other, and can be told apart from the females by their bigger, broader head and more excessive odontodal growth. They need some space due to their size as adult.

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