Ancistomus sp. L147

Photo: Lars Jamne


L147 is a regular export from Colombia, but is not among the most popular l-numbers due to it’s fairly modest appearance, at least when compared to many of the striking alternatives available. It’s still a fairly attractive species, with dark spots gradually decreasing in size towards the head covering a light brown body.


Name: Ancistomus sp. L147

Trade names: L147

Origin: Rio Meta, Colombia. Rio Orinoco, Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela.

Maximum size: 18 cm / 7”

It looks quite a bit like L387 from the same area in Colombia, but L147 grow bigger and has a less striking colouration. The pale colour is not as orange as with L387.  In aquarium L147 is an easy to keep omnivore, that should be fed a various diet and kept under normal good conditions with good water hygiene. Adult males are territorial towards each other, and an be told apart from the females by their bigger, broader head and more excessive odontodal growth. They need some space due to their size as adult.

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