Ancistrini sp. L082

Photo: Haakon Haagensen


Enigmatic, strange, weird and very rare – this fish is a great symbol of what may be lost when the Xingu is dammed and the native species will struggle for survival. With it’s almost cigar shaped body it clearly represents a new, yet to be named genus together with it’s sister form L252. We are lucky to have this species in our network.


Name: Ancistrini sp.

Trade names: Opal Dot Pleco, L82

Origin: Rio Xingu, Brazil

Maximum TL: 22 cm / 9”

L82 is a shy fish, in need of lots of hiding places in the form of rocks and caves to feel secure. A typical representative for oxygene rich rapids, they should be given a large tank with good current and clean, well filtered water. As a carnivore, meat from crustaceans and fish suits them well. Luckily, the species is bred on a regular basis by fellow Norwegian fishkeeper Haavard Støre Andresen, so offspring is spread around in good numbers. The species is illegal to export from Brazil.

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