Ancistrus sp. L107

Photo: Lars Jamne


One of the nicest species of Ancistrus is L107. It’s pitch black with relatively large white spots all over, and a large, forkshaped caudal fin. It’s not allowed for export from Brazil anymore, so captive breeding is essential for the species’ presence in the hobby. It can grow to almost 20 cm, but this rarely happens in captivity.


Name: Ancistrus sp.

Trade names: Brilliant Bristlenose, L107, L184, LDA3

Origin: Rio Negro, Rio Demini, Brazil

Maximum TL: 20 cm / 8”

A rare species! It’s a blackwater species, so breeding is only successful in soft, acidic water. This limits the production of the species among aquarists. However, it’s a very productive fish under the right circumstances. It needs clean, well oxygenated water, and lots of hiding places among roots and rocks. It’s not very interested in eating vegetables and green food, possibly because algae and vegetation is not very abundand in the dark waters of it’s natural habitat. Still, a varied diet is important.

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