Ancistrus sp. L180

Photo: Lars Jamne


There are so many Ancistrus species that look similar to these, which makes it really difficult to know which one you have unless you know where it originates from. L180 hails from Rio Lageado (Maranhão), Brazil, and serves as another nice looking easy-mainteance alternative to the more common forms of Ancistrus in the hobby.


Name: Ancistrus sp.L180

Trade names: L180

Origin: Rio Lageado, Rio Tocantins, Brazil

Maximum TL: 15 cm / 10”

L180 has a slightly flatter bodyshape than the more common L71, and it has fewer spots than the otherwise very similar L213 from Rio Tapajos. L180 is not allowed for export from Brazil at the moment, and with it’s fairly unoriginal looks it’s existence in the hobby will depend on dedicated breeders. It’s a very easy to care for and hardy species, even suitable for normal community aquariums. It’s a good algae eater, but it should be fed a varied diet nonetheless. Males develop the typical bristles

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