Ancistrus sp. «Rio Paraguay»

Photo: Enrico Richter


With rust red spots all over, this is a very nice Ancistrus species. It was never given an l-number, and has only recently managed to gain foothold within the hobby due to it’s willingness to reproduce in captivity. With it’s great looks, small size and modest demands, it’s got all that’s needed to become a very popular catfish among aquarists.


Name: Ancistrus sp.

Trade names: Redspot Bristlenose, Rio Paraguay Ancistrus

Origin: Rio Paraguay, Paraguay, Bolivia

Maximum TL: 12 cm / 5”

Fish exports from Paraguay and Bolivia aren’t very common, so new wild stock of this species will not occur regularly. But since it’s easy to breed and low on demands, it’s spreading quite fast within the hobby. It’s basic needs are easy to fulfill as long as you are a responsible fishkeeper with normal, well maintained set ups. It will eat anything, including algae, and has no specific demands when it comes to water parameters – as long as it’s clean, well filtered and within a normal tropical temperature range. They are big enough to reproduce already at 5 cm / 2”.

Kept by:

Janne Sogn & Terje Johan Odland

Lars Jamne

Ole Paulsen

Source :


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