Baryancistrus chrysolomus L047

Photo: Enrico Richter


The Magnum pleco is one of the so-called Golden Nuggets from Rio Xingu, Brazil. It has a body without the golden spots, but it has the nice golden seam in it’s fins that makes a very nice contrast to it’s dark olive body. It’s not as popular as the spotted Golden Nuggets, but it’s still a very nice fish. It’s of course threatened by the damming of the Xingu river, although it’s natural habitat is not only limited to the lower Xingu.


Name: Baryancistrus chrysolomus (Rapp Py-Daniel, Zuanon & Ribeiro de Oliveira, 2011)

Trade names: Magnum Pleco, L47

Origin: Rio Xingu, Rio Iriri, Rio Curuá, Brazil

Maximum TL: 25 cm / 10”

Baryancistrus species can be hard to keep when they first arrive in the trade. They are basically meant to be constantly grazing on a biofilm consisting of algae and micro organisms, so during the time they are on the move from the river to our home aquariums they are often starved to the point of no return. When acclimatized though, they are fairly hardy and easy to keep. They need a varied diet consisting of mostly vegetable matter, and as they grow the males become gradually more territorial and aggressive, especially toward each other. So much space and enough caves is necessary, as well as clean, well filtered warm water with lots of oxygen. The Magnum pleco has not yet been bred in captivity.

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