Baryancistrus sp. L142

Photo: Lars Jamne


One of several Plecos known as ‘Snowball Pleco’, this is quite an impressive fish. Pitch black with large white spots all over makes it a real beauty for slightly larger tanks.


Name: Baryancistrus sp. L142

Trade names: Snowball Pleco, L239, LDA33

Origin: Rio Tapajos, Brazil

Maximum TL: 25 cm / 10”

Baryancistrus are constantly grazing feeding machines, and it takes quite a bit of food to make them grow and thrive in captivity. They are often undernurished when they finally reach their private owner after some time ‘on the road’, so they can be slightly diffiult to take care of at first. Algae and microorganisms is their main diet, so vegetables should be given along with small frozen foods and high quality dried foods. A good current, clean, warm water and hiding places among rocks and roots must be present. Adults may be slightly territorial, so provide enough space. Breeding reports for this particular species have not been published so far.

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