Guyanancistrus guahiborum L106

Photo: Karl Schwamm


Dark Plecos with orange seams on their fins are found in many places in South America. In Brazil we find examples like Peckoltia sp.L76 and Baryancistrus chrysolomus (L47), but in the Orinoco (Colobia and Venezuela) we find Guyanancistrus guahiborum with these traits. L106 also has some light spots on it’s body that makes it even more attarctive. It’s an easy to care for medium sized fish that isn’t very common in the hobby.


Name: Guyanancistrus guahiborum (Werneke, Armbruster, Lujan & Taphorn, 2005)

Trade names: Spotted Orange Seam Pleco, L106

Origin: Orinoco, Rio Ventuari, Venezuela

Maximum TL: 16 cm / 6”

Some consider L106 to belong to Hemiancistrus, a genus that serves as a trashbin for lots of species of Loricariidae that can’t be placed in another genus. That’s why we prefer to go with Guyanancistrus. L106 looks very similar to L122, but has a higher body. It’s an omnivore fish that should be fed a varied diet that isn’t too protein rich. A typical set up with clean, well filtered water is required. No breeding reports exist so far.

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