Hemiancistrus pankimpuju L350

Photo: Wilfred Chan


Now here is a real gem. This impressive species has no colours to show off, and no interesting pattern either. Still, with it’s long caudal filaments, tiny eyes and pure black body it’s got a strange hold on us…and it still hasn’t been bred in captivity! Recently we noticed significant odontodal growth on the flanks of what we believe is the male, so perhaps we will be lucky enough to see them breed?


Name: Hemiancistrus pankimpuju (Lujan & Chamon, 2008)

Trade names: Coal Pleco, Peruvian Lyretail Pleco, L350

Origin: Tingo Maria, Rio Huallaga, Peru

Maximum TL: 40 cm / 16” (without caudal filaments)

Hemiancistrus is surely not the correct genus for this species, but it has been placed there for now by the describers. Specimens collected in deep water are pale pink, but under aquarium conditions they turn black. This rare species is quite unknown in the hobby, and not very often exported. They prefer meaty food, and should of course be given lots of space and suitable caves to hide in. Good water quality and filtration is necessary for the well being of this species.

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