Hemiloricaria lanceolata “Peru”

Photo: Enrico Richter


Certainly one of the most wide-spread Hemiloricaria species in the Amazon, Hemiloricaria lanceolata is among the best known representatives of it’s genus. It’s a well suited aquarium fish which usually shows a nice contrast rich pattern, which depends on what river it comes from.


Name: Hemiloricaria lanceolata (Günther, 1868)

Trade names: Chocolate Whiptail

Origin: Amazonas and tributaries in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

Maximum TL: 12 cm / 5”

The pattern on the body of Hemiloricaria lanceolata may vary depending on which river it hails from, but the dorsal fin pattern, albeit slightly variable too, is usually a good way to identify the species. Males develop short “beard” on their cheeks. These fish should be given calm surroundings with both open sand areas and shelter under roots. Plants are also good for shelter and sometimes grazing, but they are not damaged. Food should consist of high quality dried foods, frozen insect larvae and small crustaceans. In clean, well conditioned water they will breed in tubes that are open in both ends, where the male will guard the spawn.

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