Hypancistrus sp. L316

Photo: Haakon Haagensen


Back when pretty much any kind of Plecos were openly exported from Brazil, new areas were continuously explored. One such area was the Rio Jari, an eastern affluent flowing southwards into the Amazon. From this area, some Hypancistrus forms were collected and distributed in the hobby, but because of their fairly recent introduction and slightly modest appearance compared to other, readily available representatives of their genus, they never managed to really get a foothold among aquarists. When Brazil tightened their grip on illegal exports, these Jari forms quickly diminished in the trade. The nicest Hypancistrus form from the river is certainly L316, also called Jari Zebra Pleco. It can be recognized by its tiny eyes and pointy head. We are extremely lucky to have a breeding group of these in our network, and hopefully this can contribute to the continued existance of the species in the trade since no commercial fishing takes place in Rio Jari anymore.


Name: Hypancistrus sp. “L316”

Trade names: Jari Zebra Pleco, L316

Origin: Rio Jari, Brazil

Maximum size: 12 cm / 5”

L316 needs an aquarium set up consisting of lots of hiding places in the form of rocks, wood and of course specially made caves that suit their measurements. In these the males will eventually guard their offspring. They prefer water that is fairly warm (27-30 C), soft and slightly acidic. Most of all it should be well oxygenated and clean, so a good filtration system and frequent water changes are essential. It’s a rather small and timid species that should not be exposed to too much competition over food and shelter. Among themselves they are fairly peaceful, although males may quarrel for caves and females can sometimes be badly injured or even killed during the breeding-trapping in the male’s cave. Food should be mainly carnivore, but mixed dried foods consisting of some vegetable matter should be offered too.

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