Laciancistrus sp. L312

Photo: Haakon Haagensen


Lasiancistrus is a fairly wide spread genus in South America, but most of the species are ignored by the majority of fishkeepers due to their lack of extraordinary exterior. L312 is a rare import from Colombia, where it’s said to occur in the Rio Magdalena. Juveniles show a dim pattern of black dots  against a bodycolour that is part light and part dark brown. Adults tend to turn dark brown all over.


Name: Lasiancistrus sp.“L312”

Trade names: L312

Origin: Rio Magdalena, Colombia

Maximum TL: 15 cm / 6”

Lasiancistrus species don’t have much colour to show off, although some species have a nice spotted pattern much like what’s found in numerous other Loricariidae species. They do however boost one cool feature; the odontodal growth of mature males. The cheek spines are quite exceptional, and along the edge of the snout the males develop long, hairlike odontodes during breeding season. As aquarium fish they are much like Ancistrus; omnivores with preference for vegetable matter and pretty easy to maintain. Breeding has proven to be quite achievable in captivity, and happens in typical manner with males guarding the clutch in a suitable cave.

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