Lamontichthys llanero

Photo: Haakon Haagensen


Species of Loricariinae may not have the same types of colours as most Hypostominae, but they have other cool traits like weird bodyshapes, long fin filaments and neat camouflage patterns. Many fishkeepers know about Sturisoma and Farlowella species, but not many have experienced rarer genuses like Lamontichthys. This could be due to the fact that L.filamentosus from peru was for a long time the most regularly imported representative from the genus, and that’s a difficult species to keep. However, from Venezuela comes a different and much easier to keep species; L.llanero.


Name: Lamontichthys llanero (Taphorn & Lilyestrom, 1984)

Trade names:

Origin: Rio Apure, Venezuela.

Maximum size: 16 cm / 7”

Lamontichthys llanero is currently shipped out of Colombia on a regular basis, but never under it’s correct name. Usually it is traded as a Sturisoma species. Very little has been published about the general care and keeping of this species, since it has only recently become a semi-regular export. However, we can share our own observations. The species is quite active, at least this goes for younger specimens, who constantly move around in their aquarium on the search for food. Older, bigger specimens appear much more elusive and shy. We’ve successfully fed them a varied diet of both vegetable and meat based foods, and they seem to be willing to eat most of what is offered. The rumour of  them being difficult to maintain may be caused by their poor condition once they arrive in the trade. Surprisingly, all the specimens I have imported during the last year or so have been in good condition and have proven surprisingly easy to keep. Males develop thicker pectoral fin rays. They have been bred in Germany about 10 years ago, and to be successful pristine, clean water is required.

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