Lemon Tetra (Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis)

Lemon Tetra

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The Lemon Tetra Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis is a curious fish both in looks and in behavior. Although its body is transparent, it will have a lemon coloring overall if it is properly kept and well fed. It is also quite inquisitive and friendly, making it a very good community aquarium inhabitant.

This very adaptable species is ideal for a community aquarium with other peaceful fish. Like all tetras, the Lemon Tetras are happiest in a school of 6 or more of their own kind. In nature, these characins are found in large shoals containing thousands of fish.

Being commercially bred, Lemon Tetras are readily available. Wild specimens are rarely collected due to the low price of the farmed fish. They are also moderately hardy and fairly easy to spawn, making them a great choice for beginning aquarists. The Lemon Tetra will appreciate a planted aquarium that is balanced with plenty of open space in which it can swim around with its buddies. Some floating plants to help dim the light will help make them very comfortable.

This is a very pretty fish in general, but the Lemon Tetra is most attractive when it is well maintained. It will show its best coloring with a proper diet, which can include a color enhancing food, such as Tetra Ruby. A color morph of this fish has been developed that is albino, but the lemon form is still more popular.

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