Swordtail Characin Tetra

Swordtail Characin Tetra

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Give your planted freshwater aquarium some serious surprise! This rarely-seen dwarf tetra, the Characin Swordtail Tetra, is from an extant population on the island of Trinidad. Its peaceful demeanor, elegant schooling movement, and extraordinary breeding habits make the Characin Swordtail Tetra the perfect fish for even the budding enthusiast.
In the wild, the Characin Swordtail Tetra is found in various habitats from slow-moving and silt-laden, to flowing, clear water environments. At home, keep Characin Swordtails in schools and provide a well-planted aquarium with plenty of open swimming area in the center and patches of floating vegetation too. Driftwood and dark substrates are also recommended.

Pseudo corynopoma riseii (Swordtail Characin) exhibit unique breeding behavior in that fertilization takes place while the eggs are still inside the female. The eggs hatch in 1-2 days. Males possess both gill and caudal glands thought to release pheromone attractants that increase breeding behavior in females. Males also develop elongated dorsal, anal, and pectoral fins, with the anal fin possessing small hooks which may aid in the transfer of sperm during mating. Females do not develop these elongated fins, and appear rounder in the belly than males.

Its upturned mouth and body shape indicate Characin Swordtail Tetra feed primarily on small invertebrates from the water surface. In the home aquarium, provide live and frozen foods such as daphnia, bloodworms and cyclops, though most specimens will learn to accept flake food offered alternatively.

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