White Skirt Tetra

white skirt tetra

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The commonly available White Tetra or Gold Skirt Tetra is a good fish for the beginning fish keeper. This strain was developed from the Black Tetra or Blackskirt Tetra Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, and like its predecessor, it is very hardy, undemanding, and easy to breed.

The White Tetra is a schooling fish and will appreciate the company of its own kind. A standard school is made up of 6 to 7 fish but more is even better. This very active and fast-moving fish has a tendency towards fin nipping. Because of this, it should not be kept with smaller fishes but will do very well in a community tank with larger tankmates.

These fish are are very durable and easy to keep. To keep a healthy school, provide them with an aquarium of 15 gallons or more. They like a well-lit tank with dense areas of bunched low vegetation leaving lots of open areas for swimming. They are hardy at 70° F to 90° F but are prone to developing ich if kept in colder temperatures.

Along with a longfin or hifin version of the White Tetra, various strains have been developed that have a natural pink or blue coloration. These are called Colored Skirt Tetra. White Tetras are often artificially dyed various pastel colors and sold as Colored Tetras, or under various names such as Blueberry Tetra, Strawberry Tetra, or Rainbow Tetra. When purchasing a colored tetra, be sure to inquire which type of specimen you are obtaining. Learn more about Artificial Colored Fish below.

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Video of  White Skirt Tetra

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