Betta hendra

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Order: Perciformes
Family: Osphronemidae

Distribution of Betta hendra

Palangkaraya is the capital city of Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan) province, Indonesian Borneo and B. hendra is known only from the Sabangau peat swamp forest, home to the world’s largest Orang Utan population and located to the immediate south and west of the city.

Type locality is given as ‘Indonesia, Borneo, Kalimantan Tengah, about 3 km south-east of Palangkaraya in direction of Berengbengkel; 02° 16.5 S, 113° 56.6 E’.

Habitat of Betta hendra

The Sabangau peat swamp is drained by the Sungai Sabangau (River Sabangau) which is a typical black water system with thick marginal vegetation and dark brown water stained with humic substances and other chemicals released by decaying organic material.

The dissolved mineral content in such habitats is usually negligible, the pH can be as low as 3.0 or 4.0 and the substrate is normally littered with fallen leaves, branches and submerged tree roots.

At the type locality in May 2011 pH was around 4.0, conductivity 6 μS/cm and water temperature 28.5 °C.

The water was still, between 5 and 50 cm deep and shaded by riparian trees and bushes, and the fish were collected among aquatic and partially-submerged vegetation, sometimes alongside the congener B. foerschi (Schindler and Linke, 2013).

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