Indofishexporter Facebook Page (Korea, Japan, Russia, Turkey, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, China, Italy)

Exporter of Indonesia’s tropical fish / ornamental fish / aquarium fish and rare & exotic fish with more than 25 Years experience. We export our tropical fishes to wholesalers/importers/distributors in almost all countries in Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Russia. Since we deal as a wholesaler with an enormous number of Indonesia breeders we can supply about 1000 different species Freshwater Fishes and 600 different species Marine Fish (Saltwater Fishes).

Indofishexporter Main International Page :

Indofishexporter in Russia

Indofishexporter in Turkey

Indofishexporter in Korea

Indofishexporter in France

Indofishexporter in Spain

Indofishexporter in Netherlands

Indofishexporter in Germany

Indofishexporter in China热带鱼-观赏鱼-水族馆鱼出口商-132075094037766/

Indofishexporter in Japan熱帯魚-水槽魚-観賞魚-524112577759851/

Indofishexporter in Italy


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