Ancistrus claro

Photo: Daniel Konn-Vetterlein


Among all the established forms of Ancistrus in the hobby, few are smaller than this. With it’s modest size and wormline pattern it’s a very cool little species suitable even for nano tanks!


Name: Ancistrus claro (Knaack, 1999)

Trade names: Gold Marble Bristlenose, Wormline Dwarf-Ancistrus, LDA8

Origin: Rio Cuiabá, Rio Claro (Mato Grosso), Brazil

Maximum TL: 10 cm / 4”

This species is not very common in the hobby. It originates from an area where not much fish is collected for the ornamental trade these days, so most specimens around are captive bred even though the species is allowed for export from Brazil.

It prefers clean, oxygen rich water with good current, but it’s not very picky about water parameters and will thrive and even breed in regular tap water.

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