Ancistrus sp. L481

Photo: Fabian Deuschle


In August 2015, German importer Panta Rhei showed a picture of a spectacular new Ancistrus species from Rio Abacaxis, Brazil. In DATZ 11/2015, it was presented with the number L481. A very limited number was imported to Germany, and a single pair soon found it’s way to Aquafarmen in Bergen. Hopefully there will be offspring, so that we can establish this beautiful species in the hobby.


Name: Ancistrus sp. L481

Trade names: L481

Origin: Rio Abacaxis, Brazil

Maximum TL: 20 cm / 8”

L481 is slightly similar to Ancistrus sp. “Tocantins”, but grows much bigger. It’s a very easy to care for and hardy species, even suitable for normal community aquariums. It’s a good algae eater, but it should be fed a varied diet nonetheless. Males develop the typical bristles on their noses, and if proper caves are present they should easily breed if well conditioned..

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