Chaetostoma lineopunctata L276

Photo: Haakon Haagensen


Most Chaetostoma species hail from Mountain streams with cooler water than what most l-numbers prefer. There are however some exceptions, and one very noteworthy one is C.lineopunctatum, L276. It comes from the fast flowing sections of, among others, Rio San Alejandro in Peru, a clear water river of 27-31 C. It’s also a pretty unique Bulldog Pleco with it’s wonderful orange dorsal- and caudal fin. It’s a very rare encounter in the trade, so there isn’t much information available on their care. There’s no doubting it’s high oxygen demand and preference for vegetable food though.


Name: Chaetostoma lineopunctatum (Regan, 1904)

Trade names: L276, Bloodfin Bulldog Pleco

Origin: Rio San Alejandro, Rio Huacamayo, Peru.

Maximum size: 15 cm / 6”

Chaetostoma can be roughly divided into two categories; the mountain stream types which prefer cool water, and the lowland types which can be kept at more typical tropical temperatures. They all share a preference for good circulation, oxygen rich, clean water and vegetable foods. They are all peaceful Plecos that can be kept even in smaller aquaria. Plants risk being chewed on, so a furnishing of rocks, wood and gravel is preferable to simulate their natural environment. After some time of good care, even Chaetostomas can be lured to spawn. Eggs are laid hidden among rocks and cared for by the male. The sexes are very difficult to tell apart.

L276 is among the lowland forms, and is therefore easier to care for than many other Chaetostoma species. The red colour is not present in every specimen, and is not connected to gender. The species was only recently acquired by me, so further studies must be made before there’s more decent information to share!

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