Chaetostoma sp. L457

Photo: Lars Jamne

CHAETOSTOMA SP. L455, L456, L457

The genus Chaetostoma is not known for having very spectacular members as far as colours are concerned. An exception is the wonderful L457, which entered the trade in 2011. Due to it’s preference for slightly cool water and it’s reluctance to breed in captivity so far, it’s yet to gain great popularity within the hobby but it would surely have more fans if it was more well known!


Name: Chaetostoma sp.L455

Trade names: Chaetostoma sp.“Tiger”, C.sp.“Pisqui”, C.sp.“Tingo Red”, L455, L456, L457

Origin: Rio Pisqui, Peru

Maximum TL: 8 cm / 3”

L455, L456 and L457 are all believed to be the same species. Difference in appearance is thought to be partially due to gender difference and dominance, with dominant/breeding males believed to be more colourful.

These are from Rio Pisqui, a tributary to Rio Ucayali, Peru. Reports suggest it takes about 20 hours by boat to travel from the mouth of Rio Pisqui to where it meets the Andes. This information could suggest that this species originates from water that isn’t particularly warm (20-24 C), like with several other Peruvian Chaetostoma biotopes. A captive environment should be set up with this in mind; clean, well filtered oxygen rich water is essential. The pecies is mostly a herbivore, but some insect larvae and similar foods can be offered as supplement, along with good quality dry food. Breeding is yet to be reported.

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