Cochliodon soniae L137

Photo: Lars Jamne


Some l-numbers are kept for other reasons than their willingness to breed, and among those are the beautiful Blue Eye Cochliodon. It’s a relatively large species (growing up to 30 cm), but if given enough space it will show itself as a very cool inhabitant fit for several types of set ups. It’s a great algae eater and it’s active even during daylight hours, so they bring a lot of joy to their owner.


Name: Cochliodon soniae (Carvalho & Weber, 2005)

Trade names: Blue Eye Cochliodon, L137

Origin: Rio Tapajos, Brazil.

Maximum size: 30 cm / 5”

Called Hypostomus by some, Cochliodon soniae is a peaceful, calm Pleco suitable for slightly larger aquariums. They need wood to chew on (important for their digestion), and if you keep broad leaved plants with them these will most likely be chewed on too! Vegetables and food tablets with a high level of green matters should be offered as staple foods, with some crustaceans and insect larvae added. Obviously pieces of wood should make out most of the furnishing, along with suitable caves made of rock. So far, no breeding reports of Cochliodon species in captivity exist.

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