Leporacanthicus sp. L007

Photo: Ola Paulsen


L7 originates from Rio Guam, Brazil, and is a regular encounter in the trade. It’s a rather large fish that needs some space to thrive, but as long as sufficient foods and proper water conditions are offered they are hardy and easy to keep and even breed.


Name: Leporacanthicus sp.L7

Trade names: Galaxy Pleco, Vampire Pleco, L7

Origin: Rio Guamá, Brazil

Maximum size: 30 cm / 12”

The true L.galaxias (L29) can be distinguished from the very similar form L7 from nearby river Rio Guamá by it’s shape; L7 has a shorter head, a slightly higher body and a higher dorsal fin. Also, the spots of L7 are more yellowish.

These fish must be given large, well filtered and clean aquariums with lots of hiding places. They are peaceful towards most other fish, but the males can be territorial and aggressive towards each other. Leopracanthicus are meat eaters, and should be fed a protein rich diet consisting of crustaceans, shrimps, mussels and fish meat. Good quality dried foods should also be offered. They are mature and ready to breed at a surprisingly young age/small size, even specimens under 10 cm have spawned in captivity! Larger specimens can produce big clutches of 200 or so eggs.

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