Leporacanthicus triactis L091

Photo: Mark Sabaj Perez


L91 is very easy to identify with it’s stunning orange fin rays. Sometimes the colour is found throughout the entire dorsal and caudal fin, but that’s rare. This is a big and robust Pleco for larger tanks, and although it’s exported from Colombia on a regular basis it’s still quite costly. Captive breeding is rare, but under the right circumstances it can be achieved.


Name: Leporacanthicus triactis (Isbrücker, Nijssen & Nico, 1993)

Trade names: Three Beacon Pleco, Orange Seam Vampire Pleco, L91

Origin: Rio Orinoco, Colombia/Venezuela.

Maximum size: 25 cm / 10”

These fish must be kept in well filtered and clean aquariums with lots of hiding places. They are peaceful towards most other fish, but the males can be territorial and aggressive towards each other. Leporacanthicus are meat eaters, and should be fed a protein rich diet consisting of crustaceans, shrimps, mussels and fish meat. Good quality dried foods should also be offered. Larger specimens can produce clutches of 100 or so eggs. Males have a  broader head with a rim of short odontodes.

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