White-Tailed Brichardi Cichlid (Neolamprologus gracilis)

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The White Tailed Brichardi Neolamprologus gracilis is truly a graceful fish. They have slender bodies and delicate colors. Their lyre shaped tail is tipped in white and both the male and female develop beautiful long streaming filaments on their fins. In the wild some specimens have been seen with flowing filaments equal in length to their body. They are affectionately called the Graceful Lamprologus as well as Gracilis Cichlid and Blue-tail Brichardi.

This beautiful fish makes an elegant addition to the aquarium. It is easy to care for as long as regular water changes are done. It is a relatively small cichlid, reaching only about 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) in length, so it doesn’t require a large aquarium. A minimum 10 gallon tank will work for one or two individuals and they will adapt to a wide range of water conditions and eat a wide variety of aquarium foods. With its color, form and adaptability, it is a great choice for both the beginner and advance aquarist.

The Graceful Lamprologus have a less aggressive demeanor, which makes them some of the easier Lake Tanganyika cichlids to keep in a community setting. They can be kept in pairs or singly, or in harems that form a group of 6 or more. They are generally aggressive toward those of the same species, but may tolerate others of their own genus. In the wild this cichlid has been seen cohabiting with its close relative the Fairy Cichlid Neolamprologus brichardi. It’s not suggested keeping them together in the aquarium however, since hybrids can be formed.

They are not as aggressive as many other cichlids so may be kept with other similar tempered types of Lake Tanganyika cichlids. The tank just needs to be large enough to support the number of fish being kept and have plenty of rockwork for each species to have their own territories. hey are best kept in a species tank, or a group of these fish can be kept in a good sized aquarium with other similar types of Lamprologine Shell-dwellers. Other good tankmates are a large school of Herring cichlids of the Cyprichromis genus like the Sardine Cichlid Cyprichromis leptosoma, as well as Goby Cichlids, Julidochromis species, and Tropheus species. In fact this grouping is very attractive in a 55 gallon tank, as all have different swimming levels and breeding activities.

This pretty cichlid is not shy about swimming out in the open. They will breed readily and are easy to feed as well. But they do like an aquarium with lots of rock formations creating caves along with shells to provide areas of retreat and for spawning. A sandy substrate is best. Though they are not avid diggers, they may dig out spawning territories around decor. They won’t harm plants, and including them will help the fry survive.


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Video of White-Tailed Brichardi Cichlid (Neolamprologus gracilis)

Infographic of White-Tailed Brichardi Cichlid (Neolamprologus gracilis)

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